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  • Mr. Rayburn, the consummate, practical, realist, who rarely endorses such accoutrements such as gun sights, brings the firefight to the operator with an abundance of means, options, nuances and tips not commonly revealed in traditional law enforcement combat training. His lessons are simplicity personified. No matter the contortion of the so-called stance, Mike has found a method to perform, engage and develop a survival option, which takes a disadvantaged position to its safest and most effective dominance.

    Mr. Rayburn gets right to the point as he starts out making the practical distinction between a traditional sight and cheek weld versus a time driven urgency for speed and vision. His repeated mantra of keeping it simple and fast is a great reminder of how the time compression of the real world just screams out for Mike's counsel. To this point, Mike illustrates his practical confidence building method of checking the sights after assuming his various combat-ready techniques, so as to verify the non-sighted position. And it works.

    Mike is the ultimate tutor. His repeated quote: "It's always better to have someone with you to act as a coach", made me feel like he's right here with me. He utilizes a simple paper plate on a target to get us to better define a point and shoot reaction while at the same time; Mike's search for outside the box rifle tactics knows no natural limit. The book reveals a clear reinforcement of the need for adaptation in many varied positions for those unpredictable encounters that simply cannot be scripted.

    In drawing the comparison to a military warrior's clearing of darkened trenches while employing various snaking and pivoting methods, I found it brings home Mike's guidance towards engaging the threat as quickly as possible, while conditioning the operator to respond as 'one, single recoil spring'.

    Tactical Urban Rifle, by Mike Rayburn, is a must read, but moreover, a must practice recipe for taking the gunfight to the streets. I think one simple and defining quote of his invaluable work might be best stated: "Where you point the gun is where the bullets go".

    Lt. Al Baker NYPD/ESU (Retired)
    Commanded Citywide Operations for ESU
    Inventor of the Baker Batshield
    President of Baker Batshields, Inc.

  •    "I have been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years and have taken  numerous shooting and instructor courses and trained with all kinds of   tactical teams and organizations. I have trained many officers and teams in firearms tactics, basic tactical maneuvers, and combat stress shooting courses. Some of the things that you showed the class, I thought were off   the wall.. and you were out of your mind.. (well I know that you are out of   your mind..) but the techniques work!!  

       It's always nice to have options in situations where someone would not  think certain techniques were possible or practical. Your CQB Patrol Rifle Class has showed me a new insight on my M-4. At one point I even forgot  that the rifle had sights.

       Thanks again for an eye opening course. (both eyes!) 


    Ptm Anthony Rusterucci

    Voorhees Twp PD, NJ"



    To quote Mike Rayburn, “There are no magic tricks”, and in his CQB Patrol Rifle Instructor Course, Mike proves it. The tactics that are taught during this course are simple and effective. No fancy sight systems are required, as a matter of fact, in most cases, no sights are required.  Mike teaches time tested and battle proven tactics. He reinforces these tactics by making the student not only try these tactics, but he makes you become proficient with them.    

       Great Class… Everyone who carries a patrol rifle should be required to take this course. 

    Bernie Fowler  
    Training Officer -                                                                                 Howell TWP., N.J.  


    Mike, I walked out of your Combat Shotgun I class a totally different gun owner. Skills, confidence, knowledge, all boosted. I'll see you for Combat Shotgun II.
    Thank you.

    Robert P. Lout 
    Holyoke, MA. 


    Mike, I just wanted to let you know that word is getting around this area about how awesome your Point Shooting Instructor class was. I want to tell you that before I took your class I thought I had enough skills and knowledge to win a gunfight. I can tell you that I did not know, what I did not know. After taking your Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor class, if I execute everything I learned, I will be going home at the end of my shift.

    Mike, thanks again and I'm looking forward to the Combat Shotgun Instructor class.

    Officer Greg Charon
    Adams, MA. P.D.


  • I had the pleasure of taking one of your classes at the S&W Academy a couple of years ago and wanted to get back with you on the results that I have seen after switching to "point shooting" rather than aimed.  I qualify about 600 officers (sworn/non-sworn) a year plus teach CCW classes to our non-sworn members and each is instructed in point shooting.
    To a man (or woman) each has expressed how easy it is to hit their target while not using the sights.  I use the masking tape on the rear sight method to prevent peeking. Individuals who have never shot a gun before catch on quickly after explaining to them the idea behind point shooting. I have received nothing but positive feedback and comments on how it is more "realistic" as to what may be encountered during an actual shooting situation and how important it is to keep your eyes open and watch your target (suspect).
    Greg Stone
    Macomb County Sheriff's Office, MI.
  • I am a Leading Senior Constable of Police attached to the Marine Area Command, Marine Operational Support Team, NSW Police. Operational Support has the capability and responsibility of Border patrols up to 200 nautical miles off the eastern coast line from New South Wales. One of the firearms used when boarding sea going vessels is the Glock self loading pistol, which is used as a close quarter weapon.
    Recently, I had the good fortune to train with Mike Rayburn who took myself and several other officers through the basics of point shooting first on a range, then later that day continued the training around 12 miles out to sea in a police launch.
    The point shooting skills that Mike taught us were easily learned and extremely practical in the marine setting. This is an operational area where unstable shooting platforms are a daily reality and I found that I was able to consistently and rapidly obtain hits on small towed targets in a swell where both the boat and the target were in constant unpredictable motion.

    I found that the methods learned that day far surpassed any other handgun techniques I had been exposed to previously for use where I work.

    I would highly recommend Mike Rayburn and the skills that he teaches.
    Craig Lamb
    Leading Senior Constable
    Marine Area Command, Marine Operational Support Team
    New South Wales Police Force, Australia
  • I would also like to mention that Myself and a few of the Water Police performed a day of Point Shooting with Mike Rayburn both at the SPC range and out to sea . I cannot believe how accurate and focused we were able to shoot without even looking at our firearms. On the boat we ran a rope about 15-20 metres from the rear, with a bottle attached. Basically we were hitting it in a 2 metre swell about 13 times per 15 round mag, which was awesome in the conditions. Again, this was a highlight and very beneficial as a weapons trainer.
    Scott Roberts
    Senior Constable (Air Wing)
    New South Wales Police Force, Australia
  • Just a quick email to thank you for your efforts here in Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia over the last couple of weeks. As I said to you in person, you have made an impact on me personally and I have taken some of what you have shown me already and used it to better the skills of the police recruits I train here at the New South Wales Police College. I look forward to continuing a professional relationship with you over the coming years.
    Once again, a personal thank you for your efforts.
    Geoff Cook
    OSTU Goulburn, NSW Australia  
  • I must say that I have quite a few instructor certifications under my belt, but my recent attendance at Mike Rayburn's Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor Course tops all of them. This training was by far the most relevant and important that I have attended. Anybody who is a cynic about point shooting has not trained with Mike. If anyone thinks that they will apply their sights under stress - then they have not shot the "Pit-Bull" drill. Mike's training works, it is absolutely lethal and will save you in a deadly force encounter. In a word - OUTSTANDING!
    Sergeant Gerald Pennino
    Morris County Sheriff's Office, NJ
    Bureau of Law Enforcement
    Training Section 
  • I am a Chief Instructor with the New South Wales Police Force, (Australia). Mike Rayburn's two day Point Shooting Instructor's course is by far the most street relevant firearms training course I've been on.
    There were a total of sixteen of our trainers on the two courses that Mike ran for us and the universal comment was that it was the best firearms training they had undergone - bar none. I'd echo those sentiments.
    The course gives you pertinent, real world information and training on what happens during gunfights and how to survive them. Mike is a knowledgeable, committed trainer who knows how to impart that knowledge to students. I can thoroughly recommend Mike's training to anyone that wants to learn how to fight with a handgun. It's that good.
    Sergeant Mark Conway
    Chief Instructor
    New South Wales Police, Australia   
  • Mike Rayburn’s “Advanced Patrol Tactics” and “Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics” are must read books for the seasoned patrol officer, FTO, in-service trainers, academy instructor and the academy recruit. Rayburn covers the areas that the patrol officer finds himself/herself dealing with on a daily basis.

    In each chapter Rayburn provides information that is easy to comprehend and easy to retain, information that will “come forward” for the patrol officer in the time of need. All police trainers and police officers should thoroughly read Rayburn’s two books and incorporate the information into their training.

    Rayburn has also produced a firearms training video on Instinctive Point Shooting that demonstrates why we need to be training our officers in Point Shooting.

    Read and study Rayburn’s chapters on Point Shooting, watch the video, take notes and pass the word along to fellow instructors and street survival conscience officers. I’ve been in Law Enforcement since 1989 and find Rayburn’s books and video valuable assets.

    PSO Todd Crow
    Department Firearms Instructor
    Gladstone PSD
    Gladstone MI.

  • I am an auxiliary police officer in Suffolk County, New York and I just finished reading Advanced Patrol Tactics and thought it was excellent!
    Warren R. Siska
    Auxiliary Police Officer
    Suffolk County, New York

  • I just read your book, “Advanced Patrol Tactics”, and could not put it down. I read the entire book and it was a wealth of information for a 15-year street cop. You were on target when you compared point shooting versus aimed shooting.
    Deputy Brandon Rio
    San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department
    San Bernardino County CA.

  • I was so impressed with the 2 day Point Shooting Instructors class that I plan to attend your Advanced Firearms Tactics class. I wrote a memo to my Captain about your class and the research you have done and I will be demonstrating those tactics learned in your class for possible incorporation in the near future.
    Brian Steskla
    Connecticut Department of Corrections
    Firearms Training Unit
  • As a military combat veteran and peace officer, I know the value of instinctive reactions to life threatening situations. As a practitioner of "point shooting" and having been trained by some of the best military SPEC-OPS and law enforcement professionals, I feel that Mike Rayburn's program superbly addresses the fundamental concepts that make point shooting an essential survival skill for all who carry a sidearm in the course of their profession.
    Deputy Sheriff Jerry Sullivan
    Athens County Sheriff Office, Ohio
    U.S. Army Infantry (Ret.)
    Member of the National Advisory Board to the Police Marksman Association
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your session at the Smith & Wesson 35th Anniversary event. It was a real eye-opening experience. I signed up for your (Advanced Handgun Defense) class.
    Jeff Brooks
  • The Smith & Wesson Academy Staff would like to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to conduct training at our 35th Anniversary Seminar Week. We are always looking for other training programs that would be of interest to our students. Good comments were received regarding yours (Introduction to Instinctive Point Shooting & Rapid Shotgun Deployment).
    Bill Porter
    Training Coordinator
    Smith & Wesson Academy
  • Your Advanced Handgun Defense program was a course really worth taking. You turned many of the old, ingrained notions and previous experiences right upside down by challenging them with real-life experiences, survival skills instincts and improved my handgun skills immeasureably.

    I'll keep practicing and look forward to taking an update on this course in the future. Please put me on your alert list for the new book in the Fall. Thanks again, for a challenging and practical education this past weekend.

    p.s. The RLET Certificate is already framed and prominently displayed in the study next to my business and educational achievements!

    Frank J. Auriemmo, Jr.
    President & CEO
    Kittiwake Associates, LLC
  • Just a brief note of thanks for a great course. I came away with a number of new things and re-thought a few things I thought I knew. I was very impressed with the course presentation, your attention to detail and your support during the drills. I really like the common sense, real life approach you take to the many aspects of self defense with a handgun...from the simplified awareness color-code, examples of real life encounters and of course the point shooting method.

    Your course prepares a person for the potential for real life encounters...practicable, simple methods that work under stress encountered during a real attack. I now have a better understanding of such things as the need to assess what is suitable cover and how to use it properly. My shooting stance, grip and gun handling will improve as a result of your class. Most importantly, I will have a much better chance of coming out of an attack as a winner...not just a survivor.

    Thank you again...I'll look for your new book and highly recommend your class to fellow shooters.

    Norbert Quenzer
  • Rich and I introduced point shooting at Tuesday's ESU training. We built a bunch of those "H" frame target stands out of wood like the ones on the old (S&W) range in Springfield, and invested in some quality white and multi-colored paper plates.

    We gave them a little background on the technique and started them dry at the 3. We then started single, and two round drills at the 3, 5, and 7. Everybody responded really well and we had the whole team getting good hits in only a short amount of time.

    We introduced movement, multiple targets, and selective targets (your a,b,c half and quarter plates) and were really surprised at how quickly they made the transition. By the end of the 4 hour training, the team was amazed at how quickly and accurately they were delivering fire without their sights. They even forgave us for taping over their sights.

    More importantly, the Lieutenant in charge of the team was impressed with the technique and is all for it. We'll be training the whole department on it during range quals in October.

    Thanks again for a great school, (Instinctive Point Shooting Instructor Certification) and if you ever need anything down here give us a shout.

    Keith Germain
    Barnegat Police NJ
  • How incredibly lucky I was to have selected your "Instinctive Point Shooting" course at the S & W Academy as my first professional training after thirty years of shooting.

    Thank you for your excellent instruction and refreshing dose of common sense. I will be watching the schedule for your future courses.

    Larry Loughrey
  • If anyone is seeking an excellent two day Point Shooting Instructor level course check out Rayburn Law Enforcement Training. I firmly believe Mike is in the training business for the right reasons.

    Mike presented a comprehensive lesson plan on Point Shooting. Mike prefers smaller class sizes which I think is a great side benefit for the students. We received a lot of constructive trigger time and minimal down time. Mike is very personable and his teaching methods are easy to follow.
    Steve Wietrzykowski
    Ludington PD, Michigan
  • I have viewed and experimented with the techniques presented on your Point Shooting video. The results blew me away! I can shoot accurately without using my sights!

    Julio Martinez

    Armed Security Officer

    Monterey County, CA.


  •    I just attended your Point Shooting Instructor course at State College, PA. First let me say that as an avid “aimed fire” instructor of seventeen years, I have always been very skeptical of “point” or “instinctive” shooting theories. With an open mind, and an intense belief in continued education, I took your course with a willingness to learn. I was confident that I would learn something, as I always do in training. Although I really did not know exactly what to expect, (I’ve never really took a hard look at “point shooting”), I did believe that I would not be coaxed away from “aimed fire”. Then something happened.

       Your classroom presentation started to hook me in, in the early moments of the first day, while you were discussing principles associated with eye-hand-coordination (relating to sports and shooting alike). This “hook” continued with your presentation relating to instinctive human reaction to a violent threat. With that in mind I can honestly tell you that I would not have believed what was to happen on the range (soon after) unless I had actually experienced it myself, which I did.

       Once the lead started to fly, seventeen years of stout “aimed fire” training beliefs were thoroughly crushed! I could not believe my eyes when I focused on the target (threat), pointed my handgun using no sights, mashed the trigger, and “I’ll be dipped in dog poo” hit the spot I was looking at. OK, could this be a fluke? I soon found out. No, no fluke! Again and again, the same results. Even when adding multiple quick shots, distance, and movement! WOW, what a rush (and pure unadulterated surprise)!! Furthermore, when the balloons were blowing and bouncing around on the range, and we were all hitting them consistently, and without sights, I was convinced without a doubt that “point shooting” works, and works extremely well.

       Mike, I just can’t say enough, I would have never really believed it was possible. Your course has totally changed my views, tactics, and instructional focus – all for the better.

       I’ll add that I immediately began teaching our firearms instructors “point shooting”. All of our instructors (like me before) WERE true-blue sighted fire disciples. That has all been changed. All of these guys caught on to point shooting very quickly, and experienced the same thing I did; PLEASANT SURPRISE! We will be adding point shooting instruction to our firearms training program.

       In short, post course life is a whole new world of pure point shooting satisfaction. The shot groups continue to get tighter, and hits are faster and more consistent. The plates keep falling, and faster too. Obviously, I’ve always enjoyed shooting, but it just seems sweeter now.

       Mike, thank you so very much for the great course, and opening my eyes. I learned so much, and had a great time doing so. I thoroughly enjoyed your instruction, and I am now a confident believer in point shooting (I guess I’m now considered a convert). I now firmly believe that point shooting techniques are an absolute asset to officer survival. As new converts emerge in the future, many lives will surely be saved. The only negative was that a thousand rounds seemed to expend way too fast!

       My goal is to continue to develop and expand my point shooting skills and associated tactics, and obviously “spread the wealth”.

       Again, thank you!

    Sgt. John Roefaro

    Patrol Supervisor

    Altoona City Police, Pennsylvania   

  • Thanks so much for a great class, but your Advanced Handgun Defense class proved to be a very sobering experience. After twenty-five years of thinking I knew how to handle a gun, I was feeling quite smug with the knowledge that I could go to a range and shoot a nice grouping into a black circle. I now know that when it came to firearms, my false sense of security could have been dangerous. While I have a lot of practicing to do, your class has given me the knowledge and training to perfect my skills. When you next see me, and you will, my goal is to be your greatest success story - and I plan to owe you $1.89 for a new rope! (Pit Bull Drill)

    Candy Loughrey



  • I just finished Mike's two-day point shooting instructor course in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Having been in an officer involved shooting a year ago, I found everything Mike taught true to form. I also learned that I have been teaching my officers some of the point shooting techniques without knowing it. The course was excellent, a wealth of knowledge and presented at a level easy enough for anyone to grasp. I will be incorporating most, if not all, of the techniques in my own firearms program. After just two days with Mike, I am more of a believer now, than I already was. If you value tactics that will keep you alive in a fight, this training is a must.

    Master Officer Michael Hicks

    Firearm Tactics Instructor

    Jonesville, MI Police Dept.



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