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Point Shooting - Law Enforcement Training by Mike Rayburn
Point Shooting - Law Enforcement Training by Mike Rayburn

Rayburn Law Enforcement Training, RLET, is a professional organization that provides comprehensive training to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, security guards as well as offering firearms training and personal protection classes to civilians. All instructors at RLET are highly skilled, trained and experienced law enforcement professionals. The firearms instructors at RLET are New York State certified Police Firearms Instructors, New York State certified Security Guard Instructors & Security Guard Firearms Instructors and National Rifle Association, NRA, certified Instructors. The lead instructor for RLET is Michael T. Rayburn. Mike has over 30+ years of experience in the Law Enforcement and Security fields. He is an Adjunct Instructor for Smith & Wesson at the Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, Massachusetts where he teaches Instinctive Point Shooting, Vehicle Stops, Combat Shotgun, Handcuffing and a number of Instructor (train the trainer) classes.

Mike has written numerous articles for various police magazines and Law Enforcement related web sites. He is the author of four books, "Advanced Vehicle Stop Tactics", "Advanced Patrol Tactics", “Combat Gunfighting”, and “Combat Shotgun”. His video, "Instinctive Point Shooting with Mike Rayburn" is a top seller in the Law Enforcement and Combat Shooting communities. According to former Calibre Press, Inc. Street Survival Seminar Senior Instructor Dave Grossi, "Mike Rayburn is a gifted writer, an experienced trainer with a wealth of real-world knowledge and experience to dispense."

Mr. Rayburn is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of Vehicle Stops, Officer Safety and Firearms Tactics and Training. Through his training classes, many articles, books, and video, Mike has changed the way a number of law enforcement agencies across the United States, Australia, and other countries conduct their training.

Students who have attended one of Mike’s firearms classes have stated they "have a whole new attitude and confidence" when it comes to their ability to safely handle and effectively use a firearm during a deadly force encounter. These students have changed the way they look at their own personal safety, and their ability to handle a firearm under stress. Read some of their testimonials on the Testimonial Page of this web site.

RLET training programs are conducted through host law enforcement agencies or private organizations and groups. For information on hosting a program at your agency or private organization/group contact Mike Rayburn to set up a class.

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